Busselton Entertainment Arts and Cultural Hub (BEACH)

City of Busselton

Invited competition

Arina – Theatre Consultant

Busselton, WA

With Architecture Studio and OMA were invited to participate in the competition for the new Busselton Entertainment Arts and Creative Hub (BEACH).

The program called for a first class dedicated performing arts, entertainment and convention centre capable of hosting major events within an iconic landmark architectural statement. The theatre required the latest technology to serve a minimum 600 seat capacity auditorium, and a minimum 450 people for the conference and convention facility, and was to be flexible in design to host a variety of functions and activities.

By stacking the program’s functional spaces into a singular, free-standing object, the design has a reduced footprint that enabled the provision of  landscaped outdoor courts and alfresco terraces to take full advantage of the benign climate and beachside location. The interior spaces are readily adaptable to a variety of functions, and the architectural expression is deliberately striking, as one would expect from this design team, to attract people to the BEACH’s performances and events, or simply as cool place to meet.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with OMA in an equal 50/50 relationship. The exchange of ideas was open and flowing and we are proud of the result, despite the design being maybe too iconic for the local authority.


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