Yanchep Secondary College percent for Art Scheme

A detail of one of the many custom horizontal sun-shade louvres on the northern facade of Yanchep Secondary College. Created by artist Rick Vermey as part of the Percent for Art Scheme the screens incorporate a recurring pattern motif references of the rhythmic undulation of ocean swells; the perpetually drifting sandbars of the west coast shoreline; corrugation patterns carved by wind-flow over beach sand; the invisible yet tangible forces of coastal winds, weather systems and sea currents.

The public artwork components are fully integrated within the architectural form and were designed by the artist Rick Vermey to value-add to the building materials specified by With_Architecture Studio.

At the Eastern entrance of the School and the east-facing wall of the undercover courtyard, Rick created patterned brick walls with over 4000 custom profiled saddleback bricks laid in a dune ripple pattern. Using parametric scripting, Rick designed a complex artwork pattern, along with detailed coursing plans for the bricklayers to lay the bricks. A local WA manufacturer produced custom brick shapes to match the design specifications. These decorative patterned brick panels provide a welcoming and unusual gateway into the College.

Extending his investigation into abstract patterning, Rick also produced a suite of custom horizontal sun-shade louvres on the northern facade of the Administration, Cafeteria, and Learning Community buildings and the eastern face of the Arts & Technologies building. Slatted powder-coated aluminium blades with undulating ripples evocative of wind moving over water surfaces, create an oscillating vertical rhythm and command an exhilarating presence on the campus.

The final artwork, located on the glazing of the northern and southern walkways is a pair of windbreak screens with striking yet simple graphic patterns of undulating ripples. These elegant designs in vibrant blue ceramic fritted ink were inspired by the artist’s visual exploration of the movement of tidal and coastal movements of the ocean surface and changing wind generated patterns on shifting sands. These simple motifs, scaled up to a super-graphic size, aid in way finding around the campus and define the spaces between Technologies, Information Resource Centre, and Physical Education buildings.

‘Rhythm & Flow’ compliments the college’s curriculum of marine science and the natural environment, with a focus on teaching students skills in coding and programming. The artworks also make a strong contribution to the identity of the college, reflecting a sense of place unique to its coastal location, and providing a vibrant and uplifting experience for students and staff, to inspire contemplation and quiet reflection.

Artist: Rick Vermey


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