Byford Secondary College – Stages 1 + 2

Department of Finance, Building Management and Works

Stage 1 – 2013
Stage 2 –2016

Gross Floor Area 23,082 m2

Byford, WA

The new school represents the State Government’s aspiration to provide quality educational infrastructure within a new vibrant communities. The Byford campus successfully meets the functional requirements conveying a clear and appealing identity that is achieved with a unique colour scheme, integrated artworks, and employing design motifs derived from a reading of the local context.

With a multiplicity of learning and meeting spaces throughout the School, the design maximises educational and social potential. The facilities are for all students, including those with special-needs and the campus is welcoming to the local community. Covered walkways and a large central meeting space provide shelter and protection and the artworks, colour, architectural form, and landscape all combine to create an attractive and distinctive educational environment.

Given the longevity of a high school, the Byford campus fulfils an important civic role through its noticeable and significant presence within the community.

With Architecture Studio – formerly Donaldson and Warn Architects


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