The rebranding and relocation of the practice within Northbridge reflects significant changes to the firm’s team during the past 18 months with the practice now led by Geoff Warn and two directors Daniel Aisenson and Jane Wetherall, after the departure of co-founder Dick Donaldson.

Rebranding as With_Architecture acknowledges that the profession is now a complex, collective and collaborative enterprise requiring a multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team.  The new name highlights the firm’s preference for working in rewarding creative partnerships with clients and stakeholders, and with consultants and contractors.

In grammatical terms “with” is a preposition. It is a linking or joining word that is integral to forming relationships. Adopting the word “With” signifies our preferred way of working and it captures the nature of contemporary architecture – a process that brings together many disciplines and people focused on a common goal.

The new logo acts as a neutral platform, with a simple typographical approach adopted for the logotype. This is comprised of a primary component (with) and an interchangeable secondary component (architecture studio). These two components are co-joined by an underscore that is used as a motif throughout the brand identity. The design highlights relationships and interchangeability – the ability to use ‘with_’ in isolation or in conjunctions.

Special thanks to those who helped put on a great show:
Soundscapes – Stephen Brameld (stephen.brameld [at] gmail.com), Steve Paraskos (steve.paraskos [at] gmail.com)
Flautist – Kirsten Smith (kirsten.smith31 [at] gmail.com)
VR – Robert Spencer (robert.spencer [at] stirlinglabs.com)


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