With_Fremantle Biennale 2019 – Water Booth

With a theme of UNDERCURRENT, this year’s #fremantlebiennale has seen 13 UNIT installations pop up across 13 coast-side sites on the Fremantle Shoreline.
Our design, ‘Water Booth’ UNIT 7.11, is derived from the natural forces that generate ocean currents (gravitational fields, weather systems), the aesthetic characteristics of water’s movement (ripples, streams) and its interaction with light (reflection, refraction). Our pavilion explores ambiguity by inviting us to enter a ‘water booth’ where visitors are surrounded by a liquid surface, both immersive and permeable. Inside, we are able to see glowing sunsets through diffused wall surfaces, track the path of the moon in the sky and touch the waves.
Special thanks to Advanced Architectural Products, @icsaustralia@ockhm_ , @woodandgrieve@uwa_design and @fremantlebiennale for all their help and support.

For more information on our Water Booth project click here.


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