The With_Architeture Studio team is back and ready for a rewarding 2020! We hope you have all enjoyed a refreshing break over the festive season. ⁣

The new decade will see our continued focus on responsible and innovative practice, and we look forward to working with individuals and institutions committed to achieving great results. ⁣

With_Architeture Studio is founded on 5 pillars:⁣

Provocation and structured enquiry into clearer and better understandings are shared by these seemingly different enterprises. A balance of methodology and judgement is essential. Compelling architecture and design calls on both for its vitality.⁣

For us, architecture is a collaborative enterprise with the best work achieved through teamwork. Architecture is political, economic and social, and therefore always a cultural artefact that mirrors our place and time. ⁣

We deliver spaces that yield engaging experiences and create lasting value for clients and the community. We take pride in responsible design that shows leadership and helps to create places that inspire and enable people.⁣

A big concept that embraces life and wellbeing. In regards ecological responsibility we shifted from talking to doing. In 2015 we became the first and only Australian architectural practice to achieve Government certification as a carbon-zero business. ⁣


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