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“We come to seek in architecture that connection between our spiritual awareness and our needs.

This….is how architecture transforms building. Architecture is the art of translating ideas into form; in architecture the artefact realises the idea that gave it birth.”

– Professor Leon van Schaik, Crossing Midfield


Adhering to advice from our government and their health advisors has put WA in a very good position with respect to containing and the spread of infection from the COVID-19 virus.

We are now all back working from our Northbridge studio, and doing our best to support the economy and continuing to produce quality architecture and an excellent service.

We have undertaken a detailed internal review of the benefits and restrictions of working remotely and will integrate the positive aspects into our future practise. So we expect more opportunities for WITH people to do some of their work from home, when that suits.

Social distancing is still important to maintain. We are blessed with a very spacious studio, so keeping individuals appropriately distanced is easily achieved. On-line meetings and reviews are continuing, when clients and consultants prefer, and when that mode of communication is effective.

We will continue to support our community and hope everyone is looking after themselves and each other during this challenging time.


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